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A big addition to Our House of Pets has been J.C the puppymonster. He is a border collie and sheltie mix with some more added in. He is a frisbee catching dog and loves to play. We go hiking almost every weekend. We adopted him August 28, 1999.

J.C. and a soft frisbee toy

I got J.C. being stubborn and put two chew bones on his feet! J.C. loves to play with his ball in the house.

His natural herding instict is funny with the cats. If they start to fight with each other, he runs in to see what is going on right away. He has a ton of personality and is very good with some simple voice commands and even knows some hand commands as well. He is eager to please and is a faithful companion. Cool weather is his favorite, and he has really enjoyed the few snowfalls we have had. We were blessed to have him come into our lives.

J.C. really likes the snow when we get it!!!

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J.C. poses in the backyard between catches.
We have way too many pet names for him.

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Jay, Crazy, Schmoopy, Moopy, Moops, Buddy, Knucklehead and Knucky to name just a few.
For some additional pictures of JC, go to my Picasa site: