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Bubba lays down on the floor! This is our boy Bubba. He is almost solid black. He has a little touch of white on belly. He is a great cat.

We call him the "purrmonster".

He is the youngest of our cats and is Homey's son. He is still an old guy since he was born around 1991.

Since Homey passed and he is now the only cat in the house, he has become very affectionate. He hangs around us all the time and loves to be petted. He used to stay away from us and sat on the beds most of the time. Not any more!

Bubba's white spot on his belly You can just see his white spot on his belly in this photo. He has one or two white hairs on his chest too. He is so black that it is hard to get a good photo of him. His fur is extremely soft.

We lost Bubba finally on August 16, 2010. He lived almost 20 years. He will be missed so much. He really was a great pal. I will miss him being by my side.

Bubba still for the camera Bubba asleep on a chair -- mmmm... blanket